How To Handle Back Pain

back pain Treatment

There are two sides to a back pain. The one is physical and the other in people’s minds.  It is easier to treat the more visible symptoms to a back ache than try to handle the mind issues behind why people get back aches.  The chiropractor is one person capable and qualified enough to rectify physical issues concerning back pain. At the same time some simple easy to do things would ensure that the back is kept in good shape and in great form too.

Use a firm mattress

The present day trend is to use a mattress which is made of soft materials like foam and the likes.  It might be feeling good to be lying on a foam mattress but does it provide the adequate support that is needed to have a healthy posture while sleeping. 

A good mattress not only supports the person while asleep but does keep the spine in a straight line without any kinks in them.  It is crucial to have a distributed weight over the mattress for best sleep as it helps keep the person in a relaxed position.


Exercises are one method to ensure a healthy back most of the time. With exercise, each muscle group in the back is stimulated and it helps maintain a correct posture and pose most of the time. In case someone’s back is damaged or hurt, then care must be taken to ensure less strenuous exercises as it would help return the damaged back to the proper condition.

A key factor with the exercises is that it must be done only after due consideration for the person who is doing it. You cannot prescribe a set of exercises which is the same for a teenager as compared to a senior citizen.  Thus there is a lot of subjective points in the manner exercise is done to the back.

Sitting erect

People with a bad back condition should always make it a point to sit up straight as far as possible. This helps distribute the weight over a wider area and helps maintain balance to the whole body.  Some body parts, like the hips and seat of the pants are particularly designed to take a high load. Thus the focus must be in keeping the body weight spread across the whole seat when sitting down.

In an erect position, the spine is kept in a uniform state of stress and hence this helps to better maintain balance while sitting down or in a standing position.  The chances of putting an unnecessary stress to the body are completely ruled out for the most parts.


Here we look at how posture can affect the spine and the well being of the individual. Often people do not realize the importance of correct posture and underestimate the distress that wrong posture can bring to a person most of the time. Corrective steps to a bad back are always possible and must be undertaken if the need so arises.

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