How to Care for Your Spine

The spinal cord in your body connects to more than 32 pairs and six-types of nerves. They are linked to hundreds of other nerves in the Central Nervous System (CNS). You can imagine its importance based on the millions of signals that pass through the spinal cord to connect your entire body into a centralized system.

Things to Avoid

Avoid eating foods with an excess of acidic content. They can lower the immunity level of the spine and increase the stress on the lower back. You should also avoid

  • Sleeping on the stomach or flat on your back for a long time
  • Getting up abruptly from the bed after waking up from sleep
  • Keeping the spine in awkward postures while sleeping, sitting, and relaxing
  • Using hard beds while sleeping for more than two or three hours

You can consult the nearest qualified Chiropractic expert to get more information for following the things to avoid procedures in detail.

Things to Do

 Always use a pillow beneath the lower back while sleeping or resting. You can use firm but soft matters to sleep. Side sleeping posture on your left can increase the blood and oxygen flow in your body considerably. Moreover, there will not be any added stress on the spinal cord.  The sections of the spinal cord can relax for a long time.

Changing Postures

  • Sit with your spinal cord straight with relevance to the lower back. It has been a common practice to use reclining chairs and sofas while sitting to get better relaxation effects. You may use them occasionally for a short time. However, it is better to opt for straight back support. Make sure the seat has plenty of firm cushioning on the back and seat.
  • Hold the seat handles with your hands while getting up from the chair. The posture avoids stress and fatigue on your shoulder, arms, and connecting muscles.
  • Avoid lifting of heavy loads on your back or shoulders. The size and shape of the load you carry will also make a significant impact on the volume of weight that creates stress on the spinal cord.


Massage the entire length of the spinal cord with essential oils. You may also use a roller to perform the task when you are alone. However, you have to make sure of applying the oils before massaging.

The process of massaging can have beneficial impacts on the nerves, neuromuscular organs, and the veins that connect to the different parts of your body. They get relaxed and rejuvenated significantly. It is a good practice to choose a professional massage expert for performing the task.

Why Choose Chiropractic Expert

  An experienced chiropractic expert in your neighborhood can keep your spinal cord fit and healthy. He may use advanced technology and tools for adjusting the manipulating the spinal cord sections. These methods are known to heal and cure many of the complex spinal cord related problems within a short time.


Try Chiropractic methods today after consulting your family physician to get good results for a better and fitter life.

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