Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain

Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common problems for adults and middle-aged people. Lack of physical workouts and improper food habits have worsened the conditions. You may experience lower back pain occasionally or frequently. For 15 years the pain was my constant companion. I could not sit, stand or maintain a posture for a long time due to a sharp increase in pain. I took many medications, treatments, and massages. None of them seemed to work until I came across Chiropractic. It really worked well for me an eliminated the lower back pain. Wow! That was a great experience for me. Now I can sit and write my blogs without having to worry about how soon I am going to complete them and relax.


Chiropractic Methods

I am not a technical or a medical man to explain to you about the process details. But I can share my experience of having gone through the chiropractic treatments. My doctor told me about a special treatment called spinal manual adjustment. He told me it can increase the nervous stability, eliminate the toxic elements, and relax the lower back muscles.

Adjustment Technique

Lumbar spine adjustment is a manual method in which the chiropractor uses mechanical friction to relax the muscles and nerves connecting to the lumbar by using this method he can remove all the stress accumulated within the lumbar-vertebrae over the thoracic spine. There is also a point of communication between the lower and the brain.

I have no idea about how they make adjustments. But I have experienced the Process as a patient. Initially, it takes time to relieve the pain. The treatments have to push the spine to a stage of the threshold. Then the changes happen rapidly. The pace of healing and recovery will be very fast after crossing the threshold.

You have to take the proper measures for correcting your sitting, standing, and sleeping posture after the chiropractic treatments. Or the pain may relapse and the condition can become worse. 

Basic Postures

The adjustment is a technique for eliminating the misalignments and set the balance right. The way we sit on the chair and sofa can cause the misalignments. It may happen slowly without our realization.

  • Do you always sit with your spine in a vertical position
  • Do you stretch your back in awkward angles
  • Do you lie on the sofa without bothering about body posture
  • Do you lie on the bed on your stomach and back
  • What is your standing posture and what is the spine alignment

There are many such questions which can tell you how your spine position is. If you can remember to keep your spine straight, 50% of the problems will get resolved. You don’t have to try hard for doing it.

Healthy Lifestyle

You have to start your short walking exercises from today. Choose a calm and green park. Walk briskly for three minutes. Sit straight and relax. Then you can walk again. Repeat the procedures for 30 minutes. Then you can come home. You can do it for a month and you can experience the pain-relief in your lower back.

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