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All You Need to Know About Alternative Medicine


Hi, and welcome to my pfamhealth blog. In this blog, I introduce you to the various methods of alternative medicines and treatments that are prevalent today. Patients who find conventional medicines incompatible can opt for these methods. All the ingredients are natural and mostly derived from plants and roots. The negative side effects after ingestion are stated to be very low unless you are allergic to any of the medicinal ingredients. In fact, you can prepare many of them in your home.

The other aspect of alternative medicines is therapy. Massages form the main part of treatment. You may choose from the Chinese TUI-NA, ZHI-YA, and others. Or you can opt for the Indian massages like the ABHYANGA, GARSHANA, SHIRODHARA, etc.

There is a path-breaking system of therapy called the Chiropractic methods. I have seen many patients getting completely healed by the system. There seem to be no side effects according to the patients’ experiences. The healing seems to be almost immediate and long-lasting.  I will be focusing deeply into this section in my blog.

What made Me Write about PFAM 

“Patients for Alternate Medicines” is a trending system of medications and treatments. It is not because conventional medicine has failed. It is because it is not acceptable to the physiological structure of many patients.

Most of the medical drugs are made of chemicals like sodium succinate, Paracetamol, Botulinum, polymers, fillers, binders, etc.  They do cure the illness and give relief from the symptoms. At the same time, they also leave traces of chemicals within the intestine, liver, kidneys, and other internal organs. They don’t get eliminated and stay resident for years. They can cause side effects like nausea, dizziness, fatigue, pain, and others. Then you will need more medicines to get rid of those effects. The cycle of chain reactions may continue.

Alternative medicines and methods use only natural ingredients and treatment procedures. There are absolutely no chemicals, drugs, or other compounds. Even the therapeutic methods are free from chemicals and drugs. So, your body accepts all the ingredients and digests them. There are no residues remnant within your body. So, you can get the return to normal life within a few days after the treatment.

Who Can Opt for PFAM

 All the males and females from adolescence to old age can opt for PFAM system. It is inexpensive, effective, and helpful for an extended duration. The disorders and diseases are eliminated from the roots. The methods also provide immunity from the future risks of disease relapse.

My PFAM Blog

 In my blog, I will introduce you to the various types of alternative medicines and methods. I will show you how they can have a positive influence on your health, fitness, and lifestyle. I have seen many patients improving their power of cognition after the age of 60+. Chiropractic treatments are a part of PFAM which are highly impactful. You will enter a new world of healing and recovery in natural ways. Keep reading and exploring the innovative world of alternative medicines in my blog.