Keeping The Back In Good Shape

One of the main work that a Chiropractor does is to keep a person’s back in good shape. Most people would be aware that the Chiropractic doctor does some kind of manipulation of the spine and the bones of the back. But it must be understood that to achieve the levels of understanding needed for the effective practice of Chiropractic, it takes strong training methods and a perfect understanding of the processes.

But before a patient needs to be attended to by a chiropractor, it must be understood that it is possible to maintain a good condition back by exercising certain precautions. Rather than treat a broken back, it is advisable to first maintain it in a good condition so to speak.

Taking care of the spine

  • Care must be taken to avoid sleeping on the back or on the stomach for extended periods of time. A sideways posture would help relieve stress to the backbone most of the time. Another advantage of the sideways posture is that it can help spread out the weight of the person much more widely.
  • Some folks have a habit of jumping up abruptly from the bed after sleep or after having lied down for some time. This must be avoided. Ideally, the person should move on to a side on position before trying to get up from the bed. Not only is this a gentler method, it is but a smoother one as well, thus avoiding any damage to the body.
  • Take care so as not to keep the spine in an awkward position while sleeping, walking or even sitting down. Particular care must be taken while carrying loads or heavy items from place to place. One of the easiest ways of causing harm to the spine is when moving sideways while carrying a load or weight.
  • In case someone is going to be lying down for three or more hours, then it is advisable to use a hard bed with a firm mattress than a soft one. Even though the softer mattress would feel comfortable, it does tend to twist the spine in very different ways.  The spine is best kept straight as possible and within the natural postures. Any attempt at being otherwise would prove to be detrimental. 

In fact, a look at the above mentioned points would make it evident that treating the spine in a due manner is a matter of simple thinking and no more. One of the most pressing issues with the back is how the weight of the person is adjusted over the length of the body and by suitably altering the shape of the spinal column. This shape must be respected and kept in mind each time an attempt is made to treat any issue. A chiropractor is just suited to understand and treat any issue of bone dispersal quickly and easily too.


By taking care of the back suitably, it is possible to ensure a trouble free and injury free person.  Damaged spine must be treated by the proper hands all the time.

How to Care for Your Spine

The spinal cord in your body connects to more than 32 pairs and six-types of nerves. They are linked to hundreds of other nerves in the Central Nervous System (CNS). You can imagine its importance based on the millions of signals that pass through the spinal cord to connect your entire body into a centralized system.

Things to Avoid

Avoid eating foods with an excess of acidic content. They can lower the immunity level of the spine and increase the stress on the lower back. You should also avoid

  • Sleeping on the stomach or flat on your back for a long time
  • Getting up abruptly from the bed after waking up from sleep
  • Keeping the spine in awkward postures while sleeping, sitting, and relaxing
  • Using hard beds while sleeping for more than two or three hours

You can consult the nearest qualified Chiropractic expert to get more information for following the things to avoid procedures in detail.

Things to Do

 Always use a pillow beneath the lower back while sleeping or resting. You can use firm but soft matters to sleep. Side sleeping posture on your left can increase the blood and oxygen flow in your body considerably. Moreover, there will not be any added stress on the spinal cord.  The sections of the spinal cord can relax for a long time.

Changing Postures

  • Sit with your spinal cord straight with relevance to the lower back. It has been a common practice to use reclining chairs and sofas while sitting to get better relaxation effects. You may use them occasionally for a short time. However, it is better to opt for straight back support. Make sure the seat has plenty of firm cushioning on the back and seat.
  • Hold the seat handles with your hands while getting up from the chair. The posture avoids stress and fatigue on your shoulder, arms, and connecting muscles.
  • Avoid lifting of heavy loads on your back or shoulders. The size and shape of the load you carry will also make a significant impact on the volume of weight that creates stress on the spinal cord.


Massage the entire length of the spinal cord with essential oils. You may also use a roller to perform the task when you are alone. However, you have to make sure of applying the oils before massaging.

The process of massaging can have beneficial impacts on the nerves, neuromuscular organs, and the veins that connect to the different parts of your body. They get relaxed and rejuvenated significantly. It is a good practice to choose a professional massage expert for performing the task.

Why Choose Chiropractic Expert

  An experienced chiropractic expert in your neighborhood can keep your spinal cord fit and healthy. He may use advanced technology and tools for adjusting the manipulating the spinal cord sections. These methods are known to heal and cure many of the complex spinal cord related problems within a short time.


Try Chiropractic methods today after consulting your family physician to get good results for a better and fitter life.

Why PFAM Health Care Means Chiropractic

Patients for alternate medications seem to prefer chiropractic methods more than others. Being an orthopedic therapist, I had always trusted physiotherapy as the ultimate method of treatment and healing. I usually recommended patients to this therapy when they did not want to, or could not afford to opt for surgeries.

The reasons could be a physical weakness, financial limitations, or other factors. Physiotherapy had proved to be successful in many cases. I was also aware of its limitations when it came to treating complex cases of muscle problems and spinal cord misalignments.

Chiropractic Came Calling

I knew about chiropractic treatments since I started practicing orthopedic care. However, the treatments were not so popular in the town I worked in. Why my town, it wasn’t even popular in Texas until about 2004 or so. Then the treatments started becoming more popular, like they are in Washington right now where practices like Integrity Chiropractic are making a huge impact in community today.

One fine day, I was driving my car down the lane near my orthopedics clinic. I saw many advertisements announcing the arrival of chiropractic in a big way. On the next day, I had the opportunity to meet the first Chiropractor in our town. He was young and a well-built lad with three years of experience in chiropractic treatments.

We sat down for a cup of coffee and he explained the various methods of adjustments, manipulations, and massages to me in depth. At the beginning of the conversation, I had started to compare between physiotherapy and methods used by chiropractors. But I couldn‘t make any connections whatsoever.

Transformation in Me

I decided to keep my presumptions about chiropractic treatments and listen to the young man who spoke with so much vigor and vitality. He spoke for two hours on that day. We must have had at least 10 cups of coffee during the conversation.

I decided to keep my presumptions about chiropractic treatments and listen to the young man who spoke with so much vigor and vitality. He spoke for two hours on that day. We must have had at least 10 cups of coffee during the conversation.

We continued to meet in the same coffee shop for the next week and weekend. He had convinced me about the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment methods by that time.

That was the day when I decided to train as a chiropractor. The young chap recommended me to a senior expert in New York. I went there to get training for the next two years. For that, I had to shift my orthopedic practice and my family to the new city. But I tell you, it was more than worth the time, effort and the investments I made. Today, I am able to experience the results.

PFAM Health and Chiropractic  

PFAM health has got a big boost due to the arrival of chiropractic care. Patients prefer the system due to its

  • Long term effectiveness
  • Economical costs
  • Dependability
  • Practicality for all age groups

I have been applying chiropractic methods on those patients for whom physiotherapy and the other methods haven’t worked effectively. I have got much better results with the patients who are more than 60+.

I have found many of the complex problems with the Para-spine muscles to be easy for treatment through chiropractic treatments.


You may try chiropractic as PFAM after consulting your family physician and the orthopedic specialist.

How To Handle Back Pain

There are two sides to a back pain. The one is physical and the other in people’s minds.  It is easier to treat the more visible symptoms to a back ache than try to handle the mind issues behind why people get back aches.  The chiropractor is one person capable and qualified enough to rectify physical issues concerning back pain. At the same time some simple easy to do things would ensure that the back is kept in good shape and in great form too.

Use a firm mattress

The present day trend is to use a mattress which is made of soft materials like foam and the likes.  It might be feeling good to be lying on a foam mattress but does it provide the adequate support that is needed to have a healthy posture while sleeping. 

A good mattress not only supports the person while asleep but does keep the spine in a straight line without any kinks in them.  It is crucial to have a distributed weight over the mattress for best sleep as it helps keep the person in a relaxed position.


Exercises are one method to ensure a healthy back most of the time. With exercise, each muscle group in the back is stimulated and it helps maintain a correct posture and pose most of the time. In case someone’s back is damaged or hurt, then care must be taken to ensure less strenuous exercises as it would help return the damaged back to the proper condition.

A key factor with the exercises is that it must be done only after due consideration for the person who is doing it. You cannot prescribe a set of exercises which is the same for a teenager as compared to a senior citizen.  Thus there is a lot of subjective points in the manner exercise is done to the back.

Sitting erect

People with a bad back condition should always make it a point to sit up straight as far as possible. This helps distribute the weight over a wider area and helps maintain balance to the whole body.  Some body parts, like the hips and seat of the pants are particularly designed to take a high load. Thus the focus must be in keeping the body weight spread across the whole seat when sitting down.

In an erect position, the spine is kept in a uniform state of stress and hence this helps to better maintain balance while sitting down or in a standing position.  The chances of putting an unnecessary stress to the body are completely ruled out for the most parts.


Here we look at how posture can affect the spine and the well being of the individual. Often people do not realize the importance of correct posture and underestimate the distress that wrong posture can bring to a person most of the time. Corrective steps to a bad back are always possible and must be undertaken if the need so arises.

Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common problems for adults and middle-aged people. Lack of physical workouts and improper food habits have worsened the conditions. You may experience lower back pain occasionally or frequently. For 15 years the pain was my constant companion. I could not sit, stand or maintain a posture for a long time due to a sharp increase in pain. I took many medications, treatments, and massages. None of them seemed to work until I came across Chiropractic. It really worked well for me an eliminated the lower back pain. Wow! That was a great experience for me. Now I can sit and write my blogs without having to worry about how soon I am going to complete them and relax.


Chiropractic Methods

I am not a technical or a medical man to explain to you about the process details. But I can share my experience of having gone through the chiropractic treatments. My doctor told me about a special treatment called spinal manual adjustment. He told me it can increase the nervous stability, eliminate the toxic elements, and relax the lower back muscles.

Adjustment Technique

Lumbar spine adjustment is a manual method in which the chiropractor uses mechanical friction to relax the muscles and nerves connecting to the lumbar by using this method he can remove all the stress accumulated within the lumbar-vertebrae over the thoracic spine. There is also a point of communication between the lower and the brain.

I have no idea about how they make adjustments. But I have experienced the Process as a patient. Initially, it takes time to relieve the pain. The treatments have to push the spine to a stage of the threshold. Then the changes happen rapidly. The pace of healing and recovery will be very fast after crossing the threshold.

You have to take the proper measures for correcting your sitting, standing, and sleeping posture after the chiropractic treatments. Or the pain may relapse and the condition can become worse. 

Basic Postures

The adjustment is a technique for eliminating the misalignments and set the balance right. The way we sit on the chair and sofa can cause the misalignments. It may happen slowly without our realization.

  • Do you always sit with your spine in a vertical position
  • Do you stretch your back in awkward angles
  • Do you lie on the sofa without bothering about body posture
  • Do you lie on the bed on your stomach and back
  • What is your standing posture and what is the spine alignment

There are many such questions which can tell you how your spine position is. If you can remember to keep your spine straight, 50% of the problems will get resolved. You don’t have to try hard for doing it.

Healthy Lifestyle

You have to start your short walking exercises from today. Choose a calm and green park. Walk briskly for three minutes. Sit straight and relax. Then you can walk again. Repeat the procedures for 30 minutes. Then you can come home. You can do it for a month and you can experience the pain-relief in your lower back.